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Download Safari Windows 10 version. Free Latest Safari for Android

Individuals around the world are looking for options which can enable them download Safari for Windows. Safari is one of the most amazing browsers available in the market that is loaded with features and enables users to perform task freely. This is one of the most obvious reasons which have compelled users to download the browser and make most out of it. One of the safest ways of having Safari on your windows is to have extensions on your computer.

What are Safari Extensions?

Users looking for safari might be aware that Safari Windows is no more developed by apple and this is the reason only earlier versions are available for download. However to enhance the experience of users and enable them enjoy added features one of the simplest thing to do is download extensions. These extensions are written by third party and have the capacity of personalizing your experience and expanding browser’s functionality.

How to download Safari extension on Windows?

For users wiling to download extension on their Windows they can probably go through the steps mentioned below;

  1. To begin with, make sure that you have downloaded Safari version on your Windows. Safari can be easily accessed from and downloaded.
  2. To begin with installation of extension, enable extension on the safari. Access gear icon on right hand corner of the browser and look for option preferences -> Extensions. You can also simply press Ctrl +, i.e. control plus comma. Following this step will simply turn on extension on your browser if it was previous disabled.
  3. Now download Safari extension which you have since long looking to install on your computer.
  4. Now click on install button only if you are sure to have the extension installed on your PC.
  5. Wait for some time till the extension file silently gets downloaded on the background of your Windows PC.

By following steps mentioned above you would be conveniently able to download extension. If in case you wish to uninstall or delete Safari extension, go back to the extension tab and follow procedure for deletion.

How to update safari extensions automatically?

For users who are continuously using Safari for Android, they would want to keep their browses updated. In order to keep browser updated it is important extensions should also be kept updated. The easy process of updating extensions has been mentioned below;

  1. Look for extension tabs available in Safari preferences. Or you can simply press Ctrl +, and extensions shall open up for you.
  2. Now click on the update button available on the bottom left hand side of extension tab.
  3. To ensure that updates are done automatically, put a check on the box which has text “Install updates automatically”
  4. Once you have checked the box, exit the extension windows.
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