Partners for Development

Our Story

Mission and Vision

PfD’s staff and volunteers work in partnership with local and international groups to improve quality of life for vulnerable people in underserved communities. We envision a more just, peaceful, and environmentally sustainable world, and seek to empower people by increasing their access to training, education, and resources to create more vibrant and resilient communities, with more accountable leadership.

PfD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

From Relief to Development

Since 1986, PfD (and our predecessor entity) has worked with communities around the world to improve the lives of the vulnerable and underserved. We began as an emergency response organization that provided grant management services to Action Contre la Faim projects in Sudan, Liberia, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone. In 1996, Partners for Development became an independent US-registered organization continued to successfully support the transition many of the active projects from relief to development.

Since 1996, the independent PfD focuses on sustainable, community-driven, and integrated programs that result in:

The common thred that ties all of PfD’s work together is capacity strengthening and community empowerment. PfD programs center on building the capacity of local partners–via training programs, technical assistance and capability enhancement–to deliver quality programming to communities. Our range of experience in community-based partnership activities allows PfD to build on our successes and achieve sustainable outcomes. PfD presents balanced, well-tested competencies in our core program areas to supportive donors.

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