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Partners for Development

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PfD has implemented integrated community development programs in Nigeria, Cambodia, Benin, Tanzania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Somalia, and Rwanda. Utilizing its extensive network of local partners, PfD delivers cost-effective and sustainable interventions to improve the livelihoods of underserved communities.  In its three technical areas, PfD, when not leading as a prime on projects, is is well positioned to add value as a sub-partner. Specifically, PfD is open to a sub-partner role in the following actual or prospective opportunities:

  1. USAID Rural Resilience – Nigeria
  2. USAID Social Services for AIDS affected Orphans, Vulnerable Children, and Adolescents – Nigeria
  3. USAID Agricultural Competitiveness and West Africa Trade Hub Project – West Africa
  4. USAID West Africa Municipal WASH – Benin

Please contact the Director of Development & Communications to learn more about PfD’s capabilities and partnership opportunities.

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