Partners for Development

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PfD awarded a 2016 Top Rated Great NonProfits

Did you hear the good news? Partners for Development (PfD) has earned a spot on the 2016 Top Rated List by GreatNonprofits, a platform for community-sourced stories related to philanthropic work. Our community has shared their inspiring stories about our work and we hope that will continue. Didn’t get a chance to rate PfD on GreatNonprofits – it’s not too late, just click here.

Thanks to our supporters, donors and the clients that we serve who have recognized the good work that PfD has done. We share this recognition with our local partners in Nigeria, Benin, and Cambodia whose dedication and tireless effort to improve and save lives made this possible.

PfD gives the greatest importance to the role of partners in every aspect of our work. We are deeply committed to involving local counterparts in assessing needs, designing programs, implementing activities and learning from the communities we jointly serve. PfD’s partner-oriented approach directs us to work with and harness the resources of the international community to meet the needs of vulnerable populations.  To learn more about our impact around the globe visit us at:   We pledge to continue our efforts and to extend our reach in an effort to make this world a better place, one community at a time.

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