Partners for Development
Partners for Development

Growing Resources for Enhanced Agricultural Enterprises and Nutrition

Since late 2011, PfD has implemented the USDA-funded Growing Resources for the Enhanced Agricultural Enterprises and Nutrition (GREEN) Project in six southern states in Benin: Atlantique, Littoral, Couffo, Mono, Oueme and Plateau. Through GREEN, PfD provides valuable training to 36,000 agricultural producers’ family members.

The GREEN project works with Beninese farmers’ associations to train vegetable growers to increase the money they take home from their harvests through better growing techniques, through strategies to decrease spoilage between the field and the market, and through improving their understanding of market-driven production. Centered on tomatoes, peppers, and leafy greens, the trainings GREEN provides focus on improving water and soil resources, appropriate use of pesticides, dry season cultivation, and how to handle vegetables immediately after harvesting. GREEN works with growers’ associations on marketing and business strategy to help them maximize their earnings potential as a group.

GREEN has trained over 5,000 agricultural producers and 6,000 farmers in value chain theory, market assessments, and methods to improve agricultural production. As a result of PfD’s work, 80% of participating GREEN farmers now produce in response to what the market wants, and 86% of GREEN farmers have increased their acreage by an average of 32%. Farmers have also seen a 13.2% increase in productivity, with some of their leafy green crops averaging up to a 62% increase in productivity.

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