Partners for Development
Partners for Development

Integrated Development for Damrei Phong (IDDP)

With support from the McKnight Foundation, PfD partnered with the Kratie-based Cambodian Rural Development Team (CDRT) to implement a wide range of community development activities to improve food security and the overall health of four communities within Damrei Phong. Highlights from the program include:

  • The installation of a cement biodigester, used to capture methane gas from decaying waste for use as a household cooking fuel. This simple, sustainable technology can reduce deforestation, reduce women’s time spent gathering fuel, and substantially reduce the rate of respiratory illnesses in women and children.
  • The creation of four new fish aquaculture ponds and the rehabilitation of three existing ponds, enhancing the livelihoods of fish-farming families and improving the availability of affordable sources of protein within Damrei Phong;
  • The construction of 42 household rain water collectors and three pagoda rain water collectors. Damrei Phong experiences serious water security issues, and the construction of rainwater collectors allows villagers to easily store water at their homes for household consumption and facilitates agricultural production. The project also distributed 376 water filters to families in the four target communities.
  • The Project Team assisted 74 families with the construction of household latrines, effectively increasing latrine access from one in 100 families to approximately one in eight families over the course of a year.
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