Partners for Development

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Who We Are

Partners for Development (PfD) is a global organization that partners with community organizations and others to adapt innovative but tested solutions to meet local needs.

In all our programs, PfD delivers sustainable solutions to poverty via the participation of local organizations that take responsibility for and ownership of activities. Working with and through local partners results in lasting change. Our partners range from informal, community-based groups to local government agencies to businesses to national advocacy organizations.


Local Solutions. Sustainable Outcomes.

PfD is committed to value for money, delivering results, and developing the talent of partner and PfD staff. PfD has proven ability to work effectively in challenging and underserved environments.


From Relief to Development

Since 1986, PfD (and our predecessor entity) has worked with communities around the world to improve the lives of the vulnerable and underserved. We began as an emergency response organization that provided grant management services to Action Contre la Faim projects in Sudan, Liberia, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone. In 1996, Partners for Development became an independent US-registered organization continued to successfully support the transition many of the active projects from relief to development.

Since 1996, the independent PfD focuses on sustainable, community-driven, and integrated programs that result in:

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