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Where We Work

In programs spanning three continents, PfD works with poor and underserved communities, and with communities in severe stress due to natural or human-made disaster including climate change, to re-establish their economic, health, and social systems. Click on the countries below to see our past and current programs.

  • Current programs
  • Past programs
  • Planned future programs

Country: united states

Country: Tanzania

Country: Somalia

Country: Rwanda

Country: Nigeria

Country: Liberia

Country: Laos

Country: Cambodia

Country: Burma

Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Country: Bosnia

Country: Benin

Country: Angola

In Africa, PfD currently has offices in Benin and Nigeria.

PfDs’ first programs in Africa were in Somalia (1993 to 1997) and Rwanda (1994 to 1996), where we managed multi-sectoral recovery and rebuilding initiatives. Since 2000, PfD has been active in Nigeria, where current programs address micro-credit, business development and training, reproductive and child health, HIV/AIDs.  In 2012, PfD began operations in Benin to support small holder farmers and their communities.

In Asia, PfD has worked in Cambodia since 1992. Our early work in reproductive health and HIV/AIDS evolved into a current focus on malaria prevention and treatment within a larger context of supporting innovative technologies that allow remote communities to access health services and commodities.

In Eastern Europe, PfD’s work in Bosnia & Herzegovina began in 1993 when we supported growth and re-building of the veterinary sector and promoted agriculture-based livelihoods. Today, PfD and partners provide credit to farmers to increase agricultural production and market access.

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