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Trade facilitation: Participation in Trade Fairs

International Trade Fairs

Pineapple Exporting company Manager is discussing with pineapple importers with the support of PINEX’s technical staff at the Fruit Logitisca Fruit Fair in Berlin. April 2022. Credit: PfD

From April 06 to 10, 2022, PINEX collaborated with the Belgian project DEFIA and the World Bank project PACOFIDE, to assist ten pineapple exporters, Top

Exo, Costa Benin, Fam Service, Agri shop, Tresor Plus Inter, Amas d’Or, PMA Negoce, l’Authenic du Bénin and Les Fruits Tillou to participate in the international Fruit Logistica fair in Berlin. PINEX partially financed four exporters and decorated the Benin 30m2 booth.

During the trade fair, the exporters talked to potential buyers about Benin’s unique Sugar Loaf and Smooth Cayenne pineapple, organized taste testing, and negotiated contracts with fresh fruits importers from all over Europe. During the trade fair the PMA Negoce export company signed with a French importer to deliver 32 MT of sugarloaf pineapple per month, with other exporters needing send initial samples and proposals before signing contracts.

National Market Fairs and Promotions

From April 11th to 30th 2022, PINEX assisted the Akpa juice processing company to display its pineapple and blended fruit juices at two different Erevan supermarket locations in Cotonou, one in the Akpakpa and the other near the airport. With PINEX assistance, Akpa developed publicity materials and trained staff in how to market and offer samples of the juice to Erevan shoppers. During the three weeks promotion, Akpa sold 2.5MT (88,185 ounces) of pineapple and juice blends. (Erevan is the larget supermarket in Benin)National-Trade_Akpa-Juice-during-Promotion-at-Erevan

Pineapple Processing company, Akpa is promoting its pineapple juice at the Erevan supermarket in Cotonou. April 2022. Credit: Akpa.

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